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We interrupt our regularly scheduled reviewing to bring you some very exciting news:

I got a job!!!!!

(and yes, that photo is an accurate depiction of what I did when I found out)

As of Wednesday, July 25, I will be working in the marketing and publicity department at Gotham and Avery, which are two non-fiction imprints at Penguin. I’m so excited to join the team over there and to be back in the offices where I interned last summer!

I’m so grateful to all of the people I’ve met in publishing over the last year, who have been so helpful and encouraging. I’m especially thankful to the incredible book community on Twitter, because you guys always knew what to say when I was feeling low and made me genuinely believe I’d get here!

This blog will continue as normal, i.e. I will try to post reviews as often as I can and will probably continue pasting a synopsis from the publisher, rather than write my own. And maybe I’ll post a bit about what it’s like to work in publishing, too!

We now return to our semi-regularly scheduled posting.


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