Where the old adage proves true…

I know I said I’d restrict this blog to reviews and more “professional” things, but I’ve been getting a bit personal lately, and I’m going to continue in this vain for a second, because I feel this is important to say.

So, you all know that I finished my internship two weeks ago and you all know how much I loved it. It was, honestly, one of the best things I’ve ever done, and I learned a ton and met some seriously incredible people. My last day was seriously hard.

The bright side was, I had an interview! One of the aforementioned seriously incredible people I met sent my résumé to one of the publishing houses he used to work for, and they called me in. It was an exciting position at a house that publishes a lot of books I read, and the interview process was slightly intense and challenging, but so fun. That said, I knew after my second interview that I wasn’t going to get it. This wasn’t because I did badly on the interview–I didn’t! And it wasn’t because the people were horrible–they weren’t, they were wonderful! It was just a feeling I had. And I was right.

Was I bummed? Absolutely. However, after nine months of job searching and five years of auditioning before that, one learns how to deal with disappointment. The mantra I’ve adopted is that “It will happen when it’s right.” Obviously, the reason why I didn’t get this job is because it wasn’t meant to be, and something else is waiting for me. And sure enough, within a day or two of learning that I was officially out of the running, I learned that a few other things I was waiting on were still in progress and that, in fact, all was not lost.

So, the old adage is true: one door closes, and another opens. Or, as a friend quoted from Frasier: “Every exit is but an entrance…um, to someplace else.”



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6 responses to “Where the old adage proves true…

  1. Oh, wow — well, fingers crossed that it does work out well (and soon)!

  2. I believe in that old adage! Firmly.
    I know you are the kind of person who will find just what’s right for her, when the time is ripe.
    Best wishes,

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed about these other things in the pipeline….

  4. julie

    What’s the other saying, when one door closes another opens! I’m sure you’ll find some thing that will be perfectly suited for you. Sometimes it just takes a while, unfortunately.

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